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Working with Cakewalk Sonar templates

Saturday, May 12, 2007 
By Stephane Brault

What parameters can you set in a template?

Track configuration and parameters

If you have created a blank project, you will need to add audio or MIDI tracks before you can record anything. Do so by clicking on Insert => Audio Track or MIDI Track from the main menu. Add all the tracks you need for your project. You can then edit each track settings and parameters by right-clicking on the track (from the Track View of course) and then select Track Properties. Editable parameters include the name, channel, bank, patch, volume, pan, key offset, velocity trim, time offset, input and output. Those settings are also editable from the Track View.

We'll go further into track properties eventually.

MIDI Input Presets

If you need to record mutliple MIDI inputs to a single track, you need to specify through which port and channel the data will be coming in. To do this, you need to work with MIDI input presets. To set this up, click on the Input parameter of the MIDI track and select Manage Presets.

Sonar - MIDI Input Presets

Once the MIDI Input Presets dialog box opens, enter a name for the new preset. When done, select all the channels and ports you want to record from on this track. If you want to record from all the channels on a particular MIDI port, click on the OMNI button at the right of the corresponding port. Click on floppy disk icon to save the preset and click on OK to close the dialog box. After you have created your preset, it will be available under the Preset selection in the Input menu for your MIDI tracks.

File Information

 You can add some information about a project like description, title, subtitle, instructions, author, copyright and keywords. Simply select File => Info from the top menu and fill in the fields.

Sonar - File Info

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