Cakewalk Sonar Track Properties

Understanding Sonar Track Properties

Sunday, May 20, 2007 
By Stephane Brault

Now back to the track view, let's see what properties are available for both audio and MIDI tracks :

Sonar - Track Properties


To name a track, simply double-click in the Name field, type the name and hit enter.


Set the initial loudness of a track with this control. Simply drag to the left or to the right (or roll the mouse's wheel) to adjust the volume.


Setting this parameter will determine where the sound of a track will be heard in the sound field between two stereo speakers. Again simply drag to the left or to the right to adjust.


This setting is for audio tracks only. It is used to set the track's level prior to the volume fader.


Use this setting to determine the data source you will be recording from.

For a MIDI track
A MIDI input can have multiple ports with 16 different channels for each. Select the port and channel corresponding to your MIDI device's settings. You can also record on all MIDI channels by selecting Omni.

For and audio track
Select the sound card (if you have multiple cards) and the input from which you want to record. This can be anything from left, right, stereo or even more choices depending on your sound card's characteristics.


Select on which MIDI port or which sound card output Sonar will play back the data in the track.

Velocity Trim (MIDI  track)

This setting raises or lowers the MIDI velocity of each note by adding or substracting a value from -127 to 127. It is kind of similar to the Key Offset but it does not transpose MIDI notes.

MIDI Channel (MIDI track)

Tells Sonar what MIDI channel to use to play back data in a track.

Bank (MIDI track)

Select the sound bank you want to use in your MIDI instrument.

Patch (MIDI track)

The patch parameter tells Sonar which sound (patch) to use from your bank.

Key Offset (MIDI track)

This parameter lets you transpose the MIDI notes in a track during playback. You can set the value from -127 to 127, each value being a semitone.

Time Offset

The Time Offset parameter is similar to the Key Offset except that instead of transposing notes, it adds or substracts a value to the start time of the events in the track.

Knowing a bit about track parameters will help you gain better control over your recordings. We will learn how to use advanced settings later.

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