What is a soundfont?

Friday, March 30, 2007 
By Stephane Brault

How to use soundfonts

There are two ways of using soundfonts. The first way is to replace the active soundfonts at the operating system level. If you have a Creative sound card, this can be done using a tool called AudioHQ. At this point, all MIDI players will be using the active soundfonts. The downside of using soundfonts this way is that they will use system memory (RAM) permanently (at least until you remove the soundfonts). The other way to use soundfonts is through you favorite MIDI editor / player. Not all MIDI softwares will allow you to do this though. Cakewalk Sonar is one of the MIDI softwares that can handle soundfonts. The advantage of this method is that you will be able to use different soundfonts for different MIDI files. Once you close the application, the soundfonts are unloaded from memory.

More to come on this subject soon.

Where can I get soundfonts?

Of course you can download free soundfonts from our archive. There are also some commercial soundfonts available on the web :

What are sfark files?

While searching for soundfonts, you may stumble on some .sfark extension files. These are simply compressed .sf2 files. Sfark a lossless audio compression format optimized for SoundFont files. Programs to decompress sfArk files currently exist for Windows, MacOS X and Linux platforms :

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