Convert Sonar Audio to MP3 or WMA

How to export a Cakewalk Sonar project to WMA or MP3

Friday, April 27, 2007 
By Stephane Brault

The recording process

We are now ready to record all MIDI tracks to an audio track. Set the audio track in record mode by clicking on the "R" button :

Sonar Recording Mode

Now just press the recording button at the top to launch the recording process.

Sonar Record Button

Now wait until the song is over and press "Stop". Your audio track should now have data in it and look like this :

Sonar Audio Track

You might be hearing the metronome. If that's the case, you must disable it prior to recording. Click on Options => Project from the top menu and then select the metronome tab. Uncheck the Recording checkbox.

Sonar Disabling The Metronome

Click ok, delete the audio data from the audio track and record the whole thing over again. This time without the metronome.

Exporting the audio track to WMA or MP3

 Select the audio data you just recorded and click on File => Export => Audio from the top menu. Enter the filename and select the folder where you want the audio file to be created. Select the file format you want to export to and click on the Export button.

Voilà! You can now burn your song on cd or play it on your portable device.

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