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How to export a Cakewalk Sonar project to WMA or MP3

Friday, April 27, 2007 
By Stephane Brault

Making the track sound better by using soundfonts

Now you might want to add a few soundfonts to your project. We'll associate the bass soundfont to track number 2.

See How to add soundfonts to a Cakewalk Sonar MIDI project.

Now that you've added soundfonts to the project, there's still one thing left to do to use them properly. For each track to which you associated a soundfont, repeat the following :

  1. Select the track.
  2. Click on View => Event List .
  3. Select the event that changes the instrument patch automatically. Usually it looks like this :

     Sonar Event List
  4. Now press Delete on your keyboard to delete the event.

Otherwise, the soundfont settings would have been overwritten each time the track is played.

Creating an audio track

Now we are going to record all the MIDI tracks to a single audio track. Click on Insert => Audio Track from the top menu. Double-click on the newly added track (should be track number 17) to show it's properties.

Sonar Audio Track

You must now specify which input you want to use. As I have a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card, I have selected Stereo Sound Blaster Audigy for the input field. Now also make sure that Windows' audio input is also set to "What you hear" for Windows XP. For Windows Vista users, it's a little tricky :

Go into your control panel under Vista, and by default, Vista will show a although user friendly, a much to simplified version of the control panel, up on the left hand side there should be an option for "Classic View" Select this:

Now in the classic view of the control panel, open up Sound.

Click on the Recording Tab

Now usually you'll only have one, maybe 2 things in this list, here's what you do: right click anywhere in the white area of this list, a sub menu should appear. Click on "Show Disabled Devices". Now the list should grow and allow you to select What you hear or Stereo Mix or similar option. You must select the disabled What you hear  or Stereo Mix  and right click on it to select Enable.

If a device isn't listed yet, another sub menu option MAY be available for Show hidden devices, hopefully this will give you all the rest of the options.

From there you should have no problems recording your audio track in Cakewalk Sonar.

Now close the audio track properties if it's you have not already done so. For this recording, we will not record all tracks as some sound like crap. You don't want to hear a flute doing the vocal melody. We will keep only the bass, the acoustic guitar and the drum by clicking on the solo mode button for tracks number 2, 3 and 10.

Haven't you forgot to save your project file once in a while? Good. Keep reading.

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