Getting Around in Cakewalk Sonar

Getting Around in Cakewalk Sonar 6

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 
By Stephane Brault

Piano Roll View

This view is particularly useful to edit expressive MIDI data like velocity or pitch bend. The data appears as like on a player-piano roll.

Sonar - Piano Roll View

To change a note's pitch or duration, simply drag or resize the corresponding rectangle as desired. You can edit a note's properties by right-clicking on it.

Event List View

The event list view gives you control over individual instructions (music notes, patch change, tempo change, etc.) for an entire track or project. It is the raw data being sent to your sound card. You can edit the data from this view by double-clicking in the field you need to modify.

Sonar - Event List View

Loop Construction View

The loop construction view allows you to create your own sample loops. Loops are audio clips meant to be played over and over to construct partial or entire songs. You can find free loops on websites such as What you see below is the loop's sound wave.

Sonar - Loop Construction View

Console View

The console view pretty much ressembles like a real recording console. This tool is made to mix down your MIDI and audio tracks to a single stereo file. You can use the controls from the console view to adjust panning and volume for each tracks. On-screen meters allows you to monitor volume level for each tracks.

Sonar - Console View

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