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Minor Chords Are Major Players
Generally speaking, minor triads or three note chords sound sadder than major triads. In a sense, these two families of triads play off one another in helping to alter moods of any given composition that they are involved in. If you are playing a moody piece written by a non-medicated, bipolar composer, your accompanying chords will probably change from major to minor every second! Not to worry though. There probably aren't too many of these types of compositions around.
How to Choose a Guitar
There are a few things you don't want to do when choosing your first guitar. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on your first guitar. Not only will you not have the ability to truly utilize your nice new guitar, but you will not know how to take good care of the guitar, such as tuning properly, changing strings when needed, and just keeping it in nice shape.
Your Motivation to Practice Guitar
Every single day I talk to someone who's learning to play guitar. Some are practicing machines, and others just can't get motivated to pick their guitar up. If you are in the latter group, don't give up. There's ways to get it going for you.
Guitar Lesson : Pentatonics and Passing Tones
The passing tone is a melodic stepping stone that's very useful for sculpting the shape of a line and filling in rythmic space within a beat while avoiding melodic redundancy.
Guitar 101 : Arpeggios
One sure way of spicing up a solo is to use arpeggios. Let's look at how to build arpeggios off of basic chord positions by simply using your fourth finger.
Bass Guitar Lesson : Maintaining a Solid Groove
The bass player's most important function in a band is to lock in with the drums and maintain a solid groove. Although this seems like an obvious statement, it's amazing how often players overlook this concept.
Basic Guitar Lesson : Ear Training
Every musician plays by ear. Those who say they don't are probably deaf. Let's see how you can improve that.
The Audix i5 Dynamic Microphone
So you are looking for your first recording microphone or perhaps you want a better one? This dynamic microphone is great choice for both vocal and instruments. While most of the time, recording engineer would use a large-diaphragm mics to record vocals, this one can do a real decent job.
Building Simple Guitar Harmony Solos
Creating harmonies on guitar is not always easy. This lesson will show you how to create a simple guitar harmony solo.
Mic'ing a Guitar Amplifier
Recording a guitar might seem really simple but getting a good guitar tone starts with mic'ing your amp correctly.

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